Japanese DermaTech Sakura

 Triple Wavelength Diode Laser

Our laser offers an advanced technology which combines 755nm Alexandrite, 808nm Diode and 1064nm YAG wavelengths. This combination is a relatively new, revolutionary innovation in the field of laser treatments. The triple wavelength shows to be the most effective and efficient for hair removal. Clinical research shows that lasers produce the best results in permanent hair reduction in comparison with IPL machines and clients can enjoy better results in less time. Our laser is suitable for treatments on the face and body but more importantly we can treat all skin types.


We cannot treat grey and red hair, moles, tattooed areas, mucus membrane and under 18s.

Average Number of treatments:

Face 10-12

Body 6-10


➢ Those who are insulin dependent – diabetics. Any adverse reaction could be inhibited due to poor wound healing

➢ Pregnancy or breast feeding or those on IVF program. The hormones are actively changed during this time and therefore treatments may not be as affective. Proceed when normal menstrual cycle returns

➢ Wearing a Pacemaker as this could alter the programmed rhythm of the device ➢ Taking specific anti-coagulant drugs

➢ Surgical metal pins in or near the treatment area

➢ Waxing, plucking, threading or depilation treatments – allow 4-6 weeks before commencing the treatment program. Clients should be advised not to use these methods between treatments.

➢ Under 18 years of age (unless registered). Pubescent young people will demonstrate unstable hair growth and therefore the treatments will be ineffective.

Patch test:

Patch test is required with every client even if the skin has been previously treated with laser. The skin can be treated fully in 3-14 days depending on the skin type.

Before treatment:

❖ Do not expose skin to UV (sun exposure or the use of tanning beds) in the past 4 weeks or self tan for at least 2 weeks

❖ Don’t shave for 48 – 72 hours after treatment

❖ Don’t depilate between IPL treatments (with waxing, plucking, threading or creams) unless advised by the operator to do so

❖ don’t use bleaching creams, or perfumed products for 24 – 48hrs

❖ don’t pick or scratch the treated area

❖ avoid rough handling of the area treated

❖ leave any skin responses alone, these are temporary and will subside

❖ avoid very hot baths / showers / steam baths / sauna for 1 week

❖ avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water for 1 week

❖ avoid exfoliating or peels for 1 week

❖ avoid rough sports for 24 – 48hrs

❖ avoid wearing tight clothing

❖ keep the area clean and dry

❖ hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water

❖ use of sun block min SPF 30+ and consider using protective cotton gloves for driving, a hat to protect facial areas and pants to protect legs from the sun.

After treatment

❑ No hot baths – preferably a cool shower if required.

❑ No exercise or exertive activity

❑ No sauna or steam or any heated treatments

❑ If reddening or itching is experienced – use a cold compress such as a chilled cloth to reduce the temperature in the treatment area.

❑ If discomfort persists – call the salon or clinic within 24-48 hours for advice

In between treatments:

We recommend exfoliating the skin 10 days after the treatment and continue to do so on weekly basis up until the day before the treatment.

Price list:    INTRODUCTORY OFFER – 20% OFF

-Level 1 – Ears, Eyebrows or Glabella Per treatment £32 Course of 3 £85 Course of 6 £150
-Level 2 – Glabella + Eyebrows. Upper lip, Fingers, Hairline or Cheeks Per treatment £55 Course of 3 £144 Course of 6 £275
-Level 3 – Chin, Hands, Feet, Toes, Navel, Buttock crease, Nipples or Sideburns Per treatment £63 Course of 3 £167 Course of 6 £313
-Level 4 – Underarms, Front/back neck, Hands & Fingers or Feet & Toes Per treatment £75 Course of 3 £206 Course of 6 £375
-Level 5 – Lip & Chin, Bikini Line, Hands & Feet or Full Neck Per treatment £85 Course of 3 £229 Course of 6 £415
-Level 6 – Level 6 – Brazilian Bikini, Abdomen, Lower/Upper Arms or Shoulders Per treatment £100 Course of 3 £274 Course of 6 £506
-Level 7 – Bikini Hollywood, 3/4 Arms, Beard, Lower Face, Upper/Lower Back, Buttocks or Chest Per treatment £113 Course of 3 £304 Course of 6 £563
-Level 8 – Full Face, Lower Legs or Chest & Abdomen Per treatment £156 Course of 3 £421 Course of 6 £775
-Level 9 – Full arms inc u/arms,Beard inc Neck,Thighs/Upper legs or Full Back Per treatment £180 Course of 3 £486 Course of 6 £900
-Level 10 – Back & Shoulders or Full Legs Per treatment £216 Course of 3 £585 Course of 6 £1080