Discovered by Me

A collection of items which I personally recommend, ranging from the latest skin care and beauty treatments – to the best, up and coming gadgets.


LINX vaporizer

Of course smoking isn’t good for you but if you still cant say no to it, choose the least unhealthy way of smoking. This very unique vaporizer only heats your leaves to the temperature which you choose and allows you to enjoy smoking without burning. You can smoke...

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Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food that gives you 100% of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive. Its made of plant proteins such as peas and oats. Its ideal meal replacement for people with busy lifestyle who still want to be...

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This amazing supplement will help you to burn extra calories by increasing your metabolism and heat expenditure. I hardly ever sweat even during a hard exercise, which you might think is great however during sweating you get rid off a lot of toxins. After i tried this...

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Cupping massage kit

This very easy tool will get rid of your cellulite like nothing else. All you need is a massage oil the ability to accept a little bit of pain. You may even get a little bit of bruising so make sure you know what you doing before you show your smooth legs off. Click...

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Retro Juicer

Retro juicer This juicer was introduced to me by my super fit and gorgeous client and i simply cant get enough of the goodness every morning. It delivers all the amazing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals without the sugar rush you get from classic juicers. This...

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Berkey Water Filter

Are you tired of buying bottled water? Or even worst, are you drinking tap water? Do you know that tap and bolted water are filled with a lot of toxins, bacteria, pollutants and heavy metals? This filter will give you over 22,000 litres of the purest water...

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