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Individual Eyelash Extensions


Our Mink Eyelash Extensions are soft, glossy, and flexible and come in a variety of curls, lengths and thicknesses so you can create anything from a natural look to something fuller and more dramatic.


Classic lashes (lash on lash)

Full set £70

Infill £40 (1 hour)



Russian Volume lashes (fuller look)

Full set £70

Infill £40 (1 hour)


Before your treatment


  • patch test is required

  • do not wear any mascara or eyeliner

  • do not apply any creams or oils on your eyes

  • don not have old lashes removed and new applied in less than 48 hours

  • do not come with lash extentions from another salon


After your treatment


  • do not wash the lashes or make them wet for 24 hours

  • do not have steamy shower for 24 hours

  • do not rub your eyes

  • don’t use make up removal with oil or glycerin

  • do not use mascara, eyeliner or any oil based make up around your eyes

  • avoid getting any sort of oil on your lashes

  • avoid spray tan on the lashes

  • avoid steam and sauna

  • avoid seawater getting into your lashes

  • do not pick the extensions


The best way to keep your lashes for long


  • after your first full set, your infill is required in 2 weeks, the folowing infils can be up to 3 weeks but no longer than that

  • brush them 3 times per week

  • use baby shampoo to clean them twice per week

  • we recommend to take off your lashes completely in 5 months. A new full set application can be performed in 48 hours

  • we recommend to have regular breaks from the extensions in order to make your natural lashes regain their strength at least every 10 months for a minimum of 4 weeks








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