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Our 2-in-1 facial is a combination of a deep hydrating facial and radiofrequency for the neck and jaw area. Our face lifting device uses 3 technologies- micro-vibration, infrared light and iontophoresis. We use galvanic current to channel the serums through the natural skin barrier up into the deeper skin regions, where the ageing processes of the skin takes place and conventional cosmetics cannot reach. This 2-in-1 facial is designed to give regenerating, smoothing and anti-ageing effects to the facial tissues as well.

1. Cleaning & Detoxification

At first, the skin is deeply cleansed and detoxified, only now is the skin receptive for the inflow of active ingredients into the deeper skin layers. These special ingredients effectively dissolve harmful contaminants deep in the skin pores.

2. Nourishing & Smoothing

Once the skin is optimally receptive, the anti-ageing ingredients of the Rejuvenating supreme serum are being channelled with the Bionic Lifter into the deeper skin layers. This stimulates the division of cells and has the following effects: the skin becomes more elastic thanks to the production of natural elastin and collagen being re-activated. Moreover, the skin receives more moisture, as deeply introduced hyaluronic acid can bind up to 1000 times of its own weight in moisture. The skin looks youthfully fresh, has a firm tone and is incredibly soft after just one treatment.

3.Firm up & Model with Radiofrequency

The Face Lifter strengthens flabby tissue and soft muscles through electrical muscle stimulation. Low frequency current pulses are guided directly to the muscles, which respond to them by contracting. This targeted stimulation strengthens the face muscles and develops them. The skin above them therefore becomes firmer. Facial fat can also be broken down with the Face Lifter with the thermal effect of the radio frequency waves, which strengthens the overall metabolism of the fatty tissue and therefore promotes fat breakdown.
Radio frequency waves also cause warming of the collagen fibres in the dermal connective tissue; this causes their protein structures to change and contract. In this way the skin above them is also made firmer.
The effect of the radio frequency waves enhances the BYAS Intense Forming Gel.

75 Minutes 1 Treatment Course of 3 Course of 6
FC Signature Facial £80 £200 – save £40 £400 – save £80

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