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RégimA is the most advanced, medically accepted skin care programme created to attack the ageing free radicals and toxins associated with modern living. These elements are responsible for most of the skin’s visible signs of ageing, including loss of skin tone and wrinkles.

RégimA is a unique skin rejuvenation and treatment range manufactured for the use of doctors and skin care professionals. Extensive use of the very finest potent natural ingredients from Europe, South Africa and other tropical regions and indigenous wound healing, skin repairing plants, ensures RégimA‘s status as a skin treatment leader in the world market.

Safely, gently and naturally RégimA helps restore the skin’s youthful appearance, improving colour, tone and texture, smoothing away fine lines and uneven skin colour, bringing back that glow of a good, healthy skin, irrespective of age.


What type of improvement can one expect with RégimA?

Softening of fine lines from sun damage

Smoothing of deeper lines, if undergoing treatments with the ‘Peel & Heal’

Diminution of coarse lines from sun damage or age

Increased smoothness of skin texture

Normalizing of pigmentation and improvement in overall skin colour

Firming, toning of the skin of the face and body

Improved suppleness and rehydration of tired, damaged skin

Clearing blackheads and spots and minimizing pore size

Enhanced wound healing and scar maturation

Helps even old scarring, improves smoothness & colour of scarring

Helps prevent and repair stretch marks

Helps eliminate and control cellulite with maintenance

Safe during pregnancy

More rapid healing and better end result following laser therapy

Increased natural skin glow and radiance

Skin maintenance as never before, bringing back youthfulness

Overall improvement in skin condition of the face and body

RegimA Products

Cleanser £29.95/ £35.95
Day cream £45.95
Night cream £39.95/ £45.95
Collagen booster £52
New expression 365 eye cream £52.95

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