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Our courses are designed by fully qualified professionals who have plenty of experience in the aesthetic industry and who will share their best tips they have learned over years of experience.

Our students are supported not just during their training experience but also after the course completion. You will be leaving our training with confidence and you will be able to deliver great results with maximum safety.


If you are worried about any adverse effects that might be caused by the application of dermal fillers then we are the right training academy for you. Our dermal filler training is based on using a flexible micro-needle cannula that is used by many surgeons and highly qualified medical professional across the globe. Using a cannula is the way forward, as it causes minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue. The rounded shape tip of the cannula pushes important structures out of the way where as a traditional needle will cut through these structures causing bleeding and bruising a cannula will push the structures out of the way. Therefore the risks of adverse events are dramatically reduced if not completely avoided in the hands of a skilled injector.

The use of a cannula will ensure your clients experience much less risk of bruising, swelling and discomfort but also the risk of complication or occlusion than a standard needle. Clients experience a greater satisfaction and less worry about their results – and you will benefit from more peace of mind.

Our fully qualified tutor and aesthetic practitioner will guide you on everything you need to know including types of cannula, lengths and gauge needed to increase safety.


Few words from the founder:

Hi, my name is Daniela and I am the owner of Forever Clinic. I understand how stressful this profession can be especially for those who come from a non-medical background; sometimes the fear of adverse events can be overwhelming. I used to use a classic needle for many years and sometimes our clients reported severe swelling and bruising, which was often a concern for me. One day after 6 years of safe practice I experienced a vascular occlusion, which can easily happen to any experienced practitioner especially with the number of clients we have. Luckily I was trained to reverse it and my client recovered very quickly but I struggled with my confidence after and to continue in the same manner. I felt a fear of that happening again and I knew I had to change something……… so I trained to perform dermal fillers with a cannula and I never looked back!


Training Options:

  1. Online training course with a diploma (theory, live video demonstration and detailed manual)
  2. Online training course + hands on practical training and a certificate £499 (plus the online course free)


Online courses:

  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty £299
  • Cheek augmentation £299
  • Lip augmentation (includes a detailed demonstration of mixing of filler with lidocaine and administration of local anesthetic) £349

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