Facial Treatments

Black Carbon Facial

Also known as The Charcoal Facial or The Black Doll Facial. A Carbon Paste is massaged into face, then high intensity pulses of light are delivered from the laser which destroys debris clogged in the pores. This state of the art laser treatment helps refine enlarged pores which reduce oil secretion and helps remove blackheads and whiteheads. The treatment stimulates the face to produce more collagen which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.






Carboxy Therapy Facial

During a Carboxytherapy facial carbon dioxide is infused into the skin. The body responses by increasing blood flow to the area. The increase in blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients flow surge to the treatment area. This increase in oxygen and nutrients improves cell restoration and elastin production aiding skin regeneration and helps to combat the signs of skin ageing, such as fine line and wrinkles, sagging skin and under-eye darkness giving a brighter, more toned and youthful appearance.

Pure facial

This intensely soothing facial relieves irritated complexions and targets hyperactive sebaceous glands.
Low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid together with natural plant extracts provide skin with the moisture it requires for a clearer, healthier looking complexion.
Green Tea extract and Witch Hazel disinfect and repress inflammation through their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Glow Facial

Revives tired, uneven and dull looking skin and lightens pigmentation, often caused by excessive sun exposure and stress.
This facial is enriched with Arbutin, which effectively targets skin problems such as Melasma, age spots and hyper pigmentation. While the low molecular Hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates the skin boosting hydration, restoring luminosity, leaving a brighter and more radiant complexion.

Refresh Facial 

Anti-ageing facial designed to combat and prevent the signs of ageing; smoothes skin and restores radiance.
Low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and natural plant extracts provide deep moisture and restores skin tissue damaged by stress and environmental factors.
Active ingredients such as Argireline and Peptides with Epidermal Growth factors lift and tighten the skin leaving it looking smoother, younger and fresher.

VenusFreeze Radiofrequency Facial

A favorite treatment among celebrities. Collagen is a protein found within our bodies, however from our late twenties it naturally starts to decrease. Collagen is formed within cells in our bodies called Fibroblasts. Radiofrequency waves encourage the Fibroblast cells to produce more collagen. After Venusfreeze treatments the skin looks tighter, brighter and more youthful. The treatment is great for defining the jaw line; tightening loose skin around the neck and jowls area, softening nasolabial lines and for lifting the cheeks.  It is also very effective at reducing fine lines around the eye and mouth area.

Non-invasive and non painful. The skin is heated to around 40-42 Degrees Celsius. The treatment is found to be quite relaxing, like a warm massage.

Facial Massage

It’s surprising how much tension we can carry in the muscles in our face. Modern day life as we all know can be stressful and this stress can be easily transferred to our muscles. We frown and squint when looking at computer screens or worry about a stressful upcoming event and that tension can transfer to our face, scalp, head and neck. Jaw tension is also not uncommon, where we clamp our jaw or grind out teeth, both of which can also result in tension headaches. Not only can facial massage be great for relaxation but it also aids facial contouring as it encourages blood circulation, tones facial muscles and aids lymphatic drainage. It can also help with fine lines and wrinkles, sinus pressure, acne and overall skin health and rejuvenation.