Fat dissolving 

Aqualyx & Lemon bottle


Liposunction without the use of scalpel

At our clinic we use the most advanced technique to deliver fat dissolving solutions. Our technique is the most effective way of delivering this treatment. Our clients have the maximum comfort and report very little or no pain during the treatment. Fat dissolving  can be used to treat localized pockets of fat under the surface of the skin, and is suitable for areas such as under the chin, the armpits (bra fat), back, stomach, hips and knees. FAT DISSOLVING is not a weight loss solution but works by helping to remove stubborn areas of fat that cannot be targeted by diet and exercise.



Aqualyx is an enzyme based solution and typically we advise 2 – 8 treatments, depending on the area. Larger areas such as the stomach will need more treatments than a smaller area such as the chin. The treatment is a permanent solution to removing the fat, however the client must maintain a constant weight (e.g. not gaining weight) by ensuring a healthy lifestyle otherwise the fat may reappear. Our clients don’t find this treatment painful and they are surprised how easy it is to shift their stubborn fat pockets.

Side effects may appear for a few days post treatment, such as:

·         Redness

·         Swelling

·         Tenderness

·         Bruising

We advise this may take up to 2-6 weeks to fully settle. Most clients are suitable for this treatment, however we may advise a consultation prior to the treatment to check your suitability. This treatment is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and is only available for over 18s.


Do not take any anti-inflammatory medication before or after the treatment

Also not suitable for clients with Diabetes or Autoimmune Disorders 


Contraindications and Cautions 

• Any open skin wounds including broken skin, scabs, wounds, bleeding skin and blisters should be avoided.
• Rashes, psoriasis, eczema, pustular or nodular rosacea and fungal infections should all be avoided.
• Contagious skin conditions should be avoided.
• Raised moles, warts or moles that have changed shape or color and unidentified skin growths should be avoided.
• Bruised skin can be painful to treat and should be avoided.
• Skin cancer must be avoided.
• Keloid scars are a strict contraindication.
• Anti-coagulant medications as these prevent the blood from clotting.
• Any medications that cause photosensitivity as this can lead to Post Inflammatory Pigmentation (PIP)
• Areas where topical medication is being applied as the product can be forced trans-dermally and may cause unwanted side effects.
• Cosmetic treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, IPL, chemical peels or cosmetic surgery until all signs of inflammation has gone.
• Pregnancy is a contraindication. It is advisable to leave fat dissolve treatments until 6 months from the birth or 6 months post breast feeding to allow the clients hormones to regulate.
• Haemophiliacs are a strict contraindication.
• Diabetes.
• Recent use of Ibuprofen, Nurofen or similar.
• Liver or kidney disease.
• History of anaphylaxis


Lemon Bottle

Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Injections as the Ultimate Dissolve for Stubborn Fat.

This innovative cosmetic treatment uses a blend of natural ingredients including Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Lecithin, and Bromelain. The unique blend targets and eliminates fat cells, leaving you with a leaner, more toned body and face.
The treatment works by using a high concentration of the unique blend of natural ingredients and stimulating fat breakdown by accelerating the metabolism of fat cells.
This treatment is a suitable solution if you have been struggling to lose stubborn fat in these areas of your body or face despite having a good diet and exercising regularly. Lemon Bottle starts its action immediately upon application and it has proved to be a safe, natural and effective product.

Before and After treatment care advice

Please avoid alcohol, aspirin and any other blood thinning medications or supplements for at least 24 hours before the treatment. It is also advisable to avoid sun exposure and self-tanning beds for at least a week before your treatment. Following the treatment you may experience some redness, swelling or bruising at the injection site and usually this resolves within a few days. We may be able to recommend natural products that help speed up the healing process of these effects.

Regularity of treatment

Most individuals see significant improvement after one Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injection. However, additional treatments may be recommended for best results. Lemon bottle treatment can be repeated every 7 days.

Suitability of use

The treatment is suitable for those who have tried addressing the stubborn fat through diet and exercise but haven’t managed to achieve any significant improvement in these areas. Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injections are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding or if you have a history of severe allergies. The treatment is also not suitable if you have an active infection or an acute skin condition in the treatment area. Please feel free to consult us for further information.

Pros and cons of Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatment

Pros: Effective at eliminating stubborn fat. Minimally invasive and virtually painless injections. Rapid lipase activity and alleviation of inflammation. Versatile treatment.
Cons: Possible side effects such as redness, swelling or bruising. Limited results for larger areas of stubborn fat.