Filler dissolving

Filler Dissolving with Hyaluronidase (Hylase)

Hyalase is used for dissolving dermal fillers quickly. By dissolving dermal fillers Hylase reverses the effect of a dermal filler treatment. For example if dermal fillers have been placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly Hylase is injected into the area to dissolve the dermal filler. It is also used when a client feels their desired look has not been achieved with derma fillers and wishes to return to their previous look before treatment. In this scenario Hylase will be injected to dissolve the unwanted dermal fillers. Lastly if you wish to change to a new lip filler technique Hylase is used to dissolve any pre-existing filler in your lips so the new desired look can be achieved.

What is Hylase?
Hylase is an enzyme which breaks down dermal fillers.

What sort of filler can be dissolved with Hylase?
Only hyauloronic acid based fillers, if you don’t know the origin of your filler please contact your injector first. Most fillers are hyauloronic acid based.

Does it hurt?
We use a topical anaesthetic cream to make this treatment more comfortable.

Can anyone have this treatment?
We don’t treat persons under the age of 18, pregnant and breast feeding women, clients on blood thinning medication, fillers which have been administered in less than two weeks, and clients with bee sting allergies or other multiple allergies.

What is the process?
Our prescribing nurse will access your health and if no concerns are raised she will conduct a patch test where a small amount of the enzyme will injected into your forearm to test you for an allergic reaction.

Can I be allergic?
Yes, usually people who suffer with an allergy to bee stings test positive.

What happens if my test is positive?
We won’t be able to proceed with the filler dissolving.

How long after can I have lip fillers done again?
Once the filler has been dissolved, a period of 2 weeks must pass before we can inject new filler to create your desired look.

How long is the appointment?
45 minutes

Do you dissolve emergency cases from other clinics?
We do not dissolve emergency work carried out by other injectors; this has to be rectified by the original practitioner.