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Bio Filler is an advanced Platelet Rich Plasmotherapy treatment which uses specialised equipment to produce an injectable filler made from a client’s own blood.  It’s a ground-breaking skin restorative and regenerative procedure.

Bio Filler is used for restoring youthfulness to skin, specifically face and neck where it can rejuvenate tear trough, lines on the neck and it can also be used for body aging skin. The procedure can also add volume and fullness that was lost due to aging, illness or sudden weight loss.



Key Benefits

  • Natural way to reverse skin aging or skin damage.
  • Natural results without the signs of having an invasive aesthetic treatment.
  • Validated through clinical trials as safe and efficient method, well tolerated.
  • Not causing allergic reaction or any long-term adverse effects.
  • Can be done as the most natural treatment to prevent aging.
  • Great substitute for Hyaluronic Acid fillers.
  • Adds volume and smooths out deep wrinkles and creases.
  • Reduces fine lines around the neck area.
  • Fills cheeks to enhance youthful look.
  • Improves the appearance of recessed scars.

How it works

Bio Filler method uses the advanced regenerative medicine technologies to deliver safe albumin gel, fibrin protein network and regenerating platelets. This combined product delivers immediate volume restoration, it simultaneously bio-stimulates tissue regeneration over the following 3-6 months from the platelet released growth factors. The target of the injection is to establish a layer of Bio Filler between the skin and its underlying muscle that gives results of a smoother skin appearance making the skin look well supported and with more youthful structure.

Expected Outcome

Treatment outcome is usually visible after a single session. The volumising effects are natural and lasting for a period of 3-6 months post single treatment. Due to the nature of the plasma bio filler, it will get partially absorbed by the body and therefore second repeated treatment may be required 4 to 6 weeks after the initial treatment to provide further restoration and regeneration and to provide further longevity. Many factors affect the longevity of this treatment, and these include age, overall health, general skin condition, lifestyle, metabolism type etc.

Long-term skin rejuvenation effects such as enhanced skin texture and collagen production take time to develop and become more visible over the course of several weeks to months


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