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Our Active Electro-Optical Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser uses flat-top beam laser technology which provides a uniform beam profile. This technology is adopted by the best lasers on the market and its advantage is that it works on the skin with the same energy on every point of beam, it’s safer and delivers greater results. Our fully qualified technician with over 10 years experience delivers safe and effective treatments.

Is there anything I should be aware of when choosing my laser tattoo removal provider?

When choosing your laser tattoo removal provider, always check for professional certificates. Make sure  you choose professional technicians with experience and good reviews. Be aware of suspiciously low prices and small portable lasers – those lasers might not be CE marked, they will not completely remove your tattoo and you might be left with scarring.

How much is tattoo removal?

Our clinic has the most competitive prices that can be established only during face to face consultation.

How many treatments are required?

It depends on:

  • Size of the tattoo
  • Age of the Tattoo
  • Density of the Ink
  • Ink Composition
  • Depth of Pigment Insertion
  • Tattoo Colour
  • Patient Health

The results vary from person to person and the number of sessions can not be estimated. Such promises are untrue as there is no real guarantee with tattoo removal. 
Please contact the clinic if you are not Caucasian so we can assess your skin type suitability prior to your treatment

We believe that a satisfied customer is the best advert.

We want your treatment to be fast and successful, at the best price, so you tell your friends and we get more business! Most of our tattoo removal business is from personal recommendation and that’s the way we like it. Our clinic provides a professional and effective LASER tattoo removal for an affordable price. We offer competitive prices and special offers.

Our technicians use the most effective laser to remove the ink from underneath your skin, please visit our gallery.

Our LASER has a distinctive advantage

There are 2 types of laser which can be used for laser tattoo removal. A ‘passive’ laser and an ‘active’ laser tattoo removal system.

Laser tattoo removal using a passive laser: these are on the cheaper end of the laser tattoo equipment scale and as such tend to be purchased by tattoo parlours or beauty salons.

Advantages: These cheaper machines may enable a beauty salon or tattoo parlour to pass on the savings to you. However as most people do not know the difference between a ‘passive’ or ‘active’ laser (to most people a ‘laser’ is a ‘laser’), a lot of businesses will not offer a cheaper treatment.

Disadvantages: laser tattoo removal using a passive laser will not remove the tattoo completely. It will only partially fade it. A beauty clinic or tattoo parlour may take advantage of the fact that you, the consumer do not know the difference between an active or passive laser and may well charge you the same price you would expect to pay for a medical grade active Q-switched laser.

Advantages: Laser tattoo removal using an Active Q-Switched (AQS) laser is considered the gold standard treatment by dermatologists for effectively removing almost all tattoo colours with minimal risk of scarring. An Active Q-Switched tattoo removal laser will, in most cases, remove all traces of the tattoo. Because it requires several treatments, it is also possible to fade a tattoo if this is the desired effect. Unless you are prone to scarring anyway (e.g. keloid scarring) there is very little risk of any scarring if the skin is allowed to heal properly and aftercare advice is followed.

Disadvantages: Will not remove certain colours like yellow or light blue. Not suitable for people prone to scarring problems e.g. keloid scarring. However the same would apply to any tattoo removal methods.

Our laser delivers high energy light pulses which are absorbed by the tattoo, breaking it into small particles, which are then removed by the body’s immune system. Tattoo removal performed with ACTIVE, ELECTO-OPTICAL, Q-SWITCHED ND YAG LASER is the most gentle way of tattoo removal yet, unlike the other methods such as dermabrasion (sanding of the area), invasive incision or skin grafting, which cause a lot of trauma and scar tissue. Our fully qualified and experienced technicians deliver visible results already after the first treatment.

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