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What is a Skin Peel?

A peel is a clinical treatment that can lead to visibly improved skin appearance. Peels are often categorised by their depth: superficial, medium and deep. The deeper the peel, the more dramatic skin improvement can be achieved.

Medik8 Superficial Chemical Peels

Medik8 superficial peels are one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed to rejuvenate and revitalise the appearance of the skin. With little down time. Medik8 chemical peels offer a results-driven therapy for a wide array of skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, dry or flaky skin and many more.

To Achieve Maximum results, a course of 6 treatments is recommended.

AgePeel – Fine lines and Wrinkles

This is an effective combination of acids to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and fade away imperfections leaving skin smooth and renewed, when skin cells are activated, they can produce more collagen and elastin. Stimulation from a chemical peel can increase the production of many key elements that make up a youthful looking complextion.

WhitePeel – Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots & Sundamage

This peel is especially designed to target sundamage and hyperpigmentation problems, Whitepeel penetrates the skin’s pigment cells (melanocytes) to gently and effectively educe the appearance of unwanted discoloration, for a more even skin tone.

Betapeel – Acne and Light Acne Scarring

Betapeel Rapidly brings Acne under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future outbreaks. Betapeel counteracts all three fronts of acne by targeting each assault individually : Blocked pores, comedones & inflammation, for a smoother clearer skin tone.

EyePeel – Professional strength Anti-Aging Peel

With fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of the face,the eye area is the first place to show initial signs of ageing, with a reduction in tone and plumpness occurring as early as your mid-twenties. The Medik8 eyePeel offers an ultra-gentle yet effective solution to treat these skin areas through enhanced cell turnover and regeneration. Carefully selected gentle AHAs that ensure the peel performs the requisite exfoliation, providing even penetration to reduce inflammation and irritation. L-Lactic acid and Lactobionic acid also function to hydrate the skin, alleviating excessive dryness and peeling.

For Clients looking for maximum results and minimum recovery and downtime.

Jessner’s Peel – Professional Strength Level 2

JA superior treatment designed to remove the entire epidermis. A Jessner peel consists of mild peeling agents that can be used to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation and to treat sun damaged skin, mild to severe acne, mild scarring, discoloration and moderate wrinkling. It also helps reduce oil production and provides gentle exfoliation. Resorcinol: is an effective exfoliator that helps loosen the damaged skin layers to expose the new fresh skin beneath while also stimulating collagen to form.

This is for clients looking for significant results- clients wanting to target moderate concerns at once (acne, ageing, pigmentation) who want to prepare their skin for a deeper peel. To undergo this treatment client’s must be prepared for moderate downtime and peeling


gentle / medium / strong / eye from £35-£75 depending on strength

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