Lip Filler

oAre you thinking about having your lips enhanced? Are worried about the dreaded “trout pout” look? Please find below some information that should make your decision much easier.

Is the procedure safe?

We perform all our lip fillers with cannula, a blunt, round needle which is the safest way of administering dermal fillers. Adverse effects which are commonly associated with lip fillers, such as bruising and swelling are dramatically reduced and majority of our clients have no down time. Amongst more serious complications are vascular occlusion and tissue necrosis which is the death of the surrounding tissue due to lack of blood supply. 

Is lip enhancement painful a procedure?

When carrying our lip enhancement, a numbing cream is applied to treat the area in the first instance and then we also use the local anesthetic to make the treatment super comfortable.  Our lip filler is mixed with lidocaine (local anesthetic that is used in dentistry) which makes the entire procedure comfortable and much less painful than with the classic needle.  Majority of our clients describe their lip filler experience as pampering and not painful. 

What is the down time?
Apart from the numbness of the lips for several hours after the treatment, many of our clients leave our clinic very happy and smiley, they can return back to their normal activities pretty much instantly. Occasionally more sensitive clients report a mild swelling or bruising however this soon settles. We recommend no alcohol for 48 hours and no dramatic temperature changes for few days after the procedure.

Will I have the “trout pout” lips?
In order to get the “trout pout” you would need to have a significant amount of dermal filler injected during numerous sittings. We pride ourselves with delivering the most natural results.

What amount shall I have injected into my lips?
Normally we recommend 1ml in one visit however some of our clients prefer to start with 0.5ml. We will of course advise you on this during your initial consultation but 0.5ml is usually recommended only if one of the lips is significantly smaller. Half ml in average sized lips is barely visible few days post treatment and clients always come for more. 

How long will my lips last? 
The results vary from person to person, generally speaking younger people break down the filler quicker. If you are having your filler for the first time then your body will also break it down quicker. If you keep repeating the treatment, the product will last you longer each time. Other aspects that play role in lip augmentation longevity are metabolism, diet, the use of sunbeds, smoking and lifestyle in general. Most our client have their lips enhanced 2-3 times per year.

Can things go wrong? 

Like with any treatment there are certain risks to consider. Most clients experience some level of swelling and even with our gentle technique we cant guarantee no bruising. Your lips are likely to be a bit tender for few days and the filler will feel a little hard to start with. There are also risks of an infection, migration or granulomas which are lumps which your body can create as a protection. Rarely clients suffer with a vascular occlusion which can be spotted and reversed by a fully trained practitioner. 

What is migration?

Lip fillers have increased in popularity in the last 10 years, only now we start to notice a lot of migration and poor results. Migration can be caused by an incorrect injection technique,  wrong products choice, inconsistent practitioners but also by having smaller lips. Smaller lips tend to migrate as there is not enough lip tissue but it can happen even if the technique and filler used was correct. In case of migration we recommend to dissolve the filler, wait for two weeks and start again. Lips that have been dissolved usually require more product that lips that have not been dissolved. 


What filler do you use?
Amalian, Stylage

Do you treat under 18?
Unfortunately no.

What is the cost?

0.5 ml £160 

1ml £240 (recommended amount)