Russian lips


Do you wish to have fuller looking lips without the dreaded “duck pout”. Then look no further… introducing the new technique at the forefront of modern aesthetics; Russian Lips. This look is very contemporary and modelesque. After all, Russian women are renowned for being some of the most beautiful women in the world. The Russian lip technique creates bigger, fuller lips without having to inject unnecessary amounts of filler into your lips. From the side profile these lips look much sleeker opposed to the traditional technique used where the lips can look very pronounced. The Russian lip technique pulls the lip upwards creating bigger, fuller lips; this technique also dramatically reduces the amount of filler needed. Traditional techniques use lots of filler to create bigger lips and can result in the lips having a very obvious protruding side profile. The lifting of the upper lip creates the most beautifully defined Cupid ’s bow. Daniela our aesthetic practitioner has recently trained with a highly renowned, very successful Russian practitioner and has mastered the Russian lip technique. The finished product is truly stunning. Please see some of Daniela’s beautiful work below.


Important bits:

Here at Forever Clinic we perform Russian lips with our trusted cannula to minimise swelling and bruising, however swelling and downtime is increased with this technique as there are more entry holes around the lip boarder to create more definition. Also please note if you have any filler in your lips this will have to be dissolved; the Russian lip technique cannot be performed with pre-existing filler in your lips.